Yorkshire Burrito: roast in a wrap

Yorkshire Burrito tent

BBC Radio York recently posted a Facebook video featuring The York Roast Co.’s Yorkypud Wrap, proclaiming that people from all around the country were flocking to try it in the ‘Chocolate City’. That video has since amassed 18 million views and the story has been circulated to the lofty heights of The Guardian and The Independent. In the wake of all this, Aldi even came out and announced plans to launch their own Yorkshire Pudding Burrito in stores throughout the winter. Continue reading “Yorkshire Burrito: roast in a wrap”

London’s New Killer Wrap

Queue 1
The queue extended all the way from the restaurant on Brushfield Road here…

It takes quite a restaurant launch to pull in a queue as long as the one I encountered this afternoon. Stretching a good 100 metres out of the front door along Brushfield Street in Spitalfields, around the corner down Gun Street and creeping along into Artillery Lane at its peak (yep, it spanned three streets), it took me around an hour to get my order in at Rola Wala. Did I mention that it was raining the whole time?

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