In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: The Orange Buffalo

Tucked away in The Old Truman Brewery courtyard, just behind Spitalfields Market, The Orange Buffalo’s food van appeals more than most others of its kind. The branding is impeccable, like a Veuve Clicquot label. It goes all the way down to its four chicken wing sauces: each one the same shade of orange despite different ingredients, flavours and intensities.

It’s what makes the ‘Snake in a Basket’ so interesting. You get eight chicken wings in total: seven with their tangy Original sauce, and one with their Naga Viper sauce (plus added chilli extract). Now I’ve done one or two of these wing roulette challenges in the past and been let down…

If only there were some way of telling…

This attempt (shown above/right) will remain nameless, but no prizes for guessing which ones are made with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and no prizes for eating that many wings with it on either.

When I happened upon The Orange Buffalo’s Viper three wings in, however, my life did it bite. I’d wisely found a spot on a curb away from the main food court to eat, as I nearly had a full-scale panic attack from this one wing.

The Orange Buffalo’s Snake in a Basket.

The buildings on each side of the courtyard throbbed with my increasing heart rate, and the intense heat of London’s first summer-ish day of 2017 poured sweat from every pore of my body.

I kept a few of the Original sauce wings as I headed to a friend’s for board games that afternoon, and my mate Bex tried one. Unbeknownst to her, the Viper wing had been resting on it and she came into contact with traces of the sauce, then nearly lost her damn mind.

Not to be messed with, this one. Go for the Snake in a Basket, but come back for any of the other three sauces. The Orange Buffalo’s wings are exemplary.

For previous attempts, see Duke’s Brew & Que.

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