In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: Duke’s Brew & Que

Duke’s ‘Nuclear’ Bastardo Hotwings are a love letter to the Ghost Chilli. Before the chilli arms race of recent years got ridiculous – where an influx of new chilli hybrids toppled previous rulers of the Scoville scale from Naga Viper to Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Moruga to Californian Reaper and most recently the accidental Welsh discovery of the Dragon’s Breath chilli – the Ghost Chilli was king.

It was, and still remains, the last chilli you can feasibly cook with before things get beyond silly. For this it makes the list of my top five chillies, and Duke’s Nuclear option makes perfect use of it in a thick sauce, heavy on the tomatoes and full of love. Couple this with a rich blue cheese dip that may as well marry the chilli sauce, cooling it soothingly as it guides you through the feat, and you’ve got a hot wing dish that’s as pleasurable as it is painful.

Definitely one for chilli lovers as much as food challenge beasts, and elegant proof that Duke’s knows its way around a wing.

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