Yorkshire Burrito: roast in a wrap

Yorkshire Burrito tent

BBC Radio York recently posted a Facebook video featuring The York Roast Co.’s Yorkypud Wrap, proclaiming that people from all around the country were flocking to try it in the ‘Chocolate City’. That video has since amassed 18 million views and the story has been circulated to the lofty heights of The Guardian and The Independent. In the wake of all this, Aldi even came out and announced plans to launch their own Yorkshire Pudding Burrito in stores throughout the winter.

Not that you’d necessarily want to assign the phrase ‘gone viral’ to a foodstuff, but this it most certainly did. As is often the case with this kind of virality, however, the purported craze is a little hollower in reality: The York Roast Co. has been selling these wraps since March and has outlets across the country, with its ley lines crossing from Salisbury to Shrewsbury, Chester and of course York itself.

Roast chicken Yorkshire Burrito
Yorkshire Burrito’s roast chicken wrap

Crucially, however, not in London. This is where fellow Yorkshireman, Henry Preen and his Yorkshire Burritos come in. As a predecessor to the Yorkypud Wrap, the stall has been offering its Yorkshire Burritos for nearly a year now, selling from its Rupert Street tent as part of the Street Food Union, from Wednesdays to Saturdays at lunchtimes.

For your delectation they take a plate-sized Yorkshire pudding, fill it with roast dinner ingredients, then wrap it like a burrito in the firm and warming embrace of a sheet of foil, ready to be taken back to the office as an aside to an afternoon of grazing on Facebook while pretending to crunch those numbers your boss asked for last week. Lazy Sundays meet Wednesday afternoon – life is good.

Yorkshire Burrito menu
The four menu options at Yorkshire Burrito

The most impressive part of Yorkshire Burrito’s handheld roast is, fittingly enough, the Yorkshire. It starts not as a flat pancake but – instead – a bowl-like Yorkshire pudding that would make any Toad in the Hole sing. Quite how they wrap this into anything resembling a Burrito is beyond the laws of food science itself, yet somehow it works. The pud then ensconces your chosen roast meat (chicken, beef, pork, or veggie cauliflower cheese), rosemary roast potatoes, spinach, and a dressing…

This is where The York Roast Co.’s wrap and London’s Yorkshire Burrito diverge, however, because where there are lashings of gravy on the one up North, there’s a distinct lack of it in this London competitor. The replacement dressings on offer are honey and mustard (for chicken), horseradish (beef), and apple sauce (pork). They’re pretty thin dressings that are quickly absorbed by the fillings and, although the menu lists the beef as cooked in a gravy, it’s a relatively dry roast beef in and of itself, all things considered.

All other ingredients in the Yorkshire Burritos are so well thought out that you’d think there’s a good reason why they’ve opted out of gravy. Perhaps it makes their Yorkshires too soggy, or compromises the integrity with any take-away or delivery time. Whatever the case, if there was an optional gravy side for dipping at 50p a go we’d certainly pay it.

All of that considered, here’s my mate Kirsty, our resident roast dinner expert (who, incidentally, was reared up North on a roast every night of the week) with her guest review:

Kirsty guest review

So, there you have it: everything is great about Yorkshire Burrito but, if there isn’t gravy, it’s not quite the full roast experience.

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