Mister Lasagna

BannerGarfield loves lasagnaOf all the great cartoon characters, I relate with Garfield the most: lazy and surly, with those dopey eyes of nihilistic contempt at everyone else’s foolish enthusiasm towards the world around them. But most of all… most of all: he loves lasagna as much as he hates Mondays.

Everything from Pumpkin & Blue Cheese to Nutella Lasagnas

And when it comes to lasagna, there’s no place better in London than Mister Lasagna. On Rupert Street in Soho sits this always enchanting food house, serving more different types of lasagna than Garfield has naps.

So well priced too: £3.50 for an ‘Uno’ (single serving); £5.90 for a very generous ‘Regular’, and £7.80 for the you’ll-surely-be-warming-up-leftovers-the-next-day ‘Trio’. The latter gives you three Uno samplings of your choice – on a first visit, it’s a no-brainer.

Choose from a selection of nine toppings

But It doesn’t end there… After you’ve selected your various lasagna (be it Carbonara, Arrabiata, Truffle, Chicken and Chorizo, Wurstel & Potatoes, or Pesto to name but a few), you’re given a second choice in the topping.

Carbonara Lasagna
The Carbonara Lasagna with Besciamella topping and Parmesan.

Here I went for the Carbonara Lasagna with Besciamella topping as an obvious marriage. The temptation to mismatch your Pesto Lasagna with a Bolognese topping, just to make all-Italians-ever consider a full-scale land invasion of your face, is always a factor.  But if I’m honest, I always opt against it.

The food deserves more respect than that. And the price deserves more respect still: £1 for a white chocolate cannoli this good? Cam aaan!!!

‘Dese cannolis? Cam aaan!

So be sure to check out Mister Lasagna next time you’re in Soho. With an excellent selection of arancinis and calzones on-hand just in case you’re mad enough not to fancy a lasagna, you can’t miss.

Failing that, find them on UberEATS or Deliveroo.

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