Yorkshire Burrito: roast in a wrap

Yorkshire Burrito tent

BBC Radio York recently posted a Facebook video featuring The York Roast Co.’s Yorkypud Wrap, proclaiming that people from all around the country were flocking to try it in the ‘Chocolate City’. That video has since amassed 18 million views and the story has been circulated to the lofty heights of The Guardian and The Independent. In the wake of all this, Aldi even came out and announced plans to launch their own Yorkshire Pudding Burrito in stores throughout the winter. Continue reading “Yorkshire Burrito: roast in a wrap”

London’s New Killer Wrap

Queue 1
The queue extended all the way from the restaurant on Brushfield Road here…

It takes quite a restaurant launch to pull in a queue as long as the one I encountered this afternoon. Stretching a good 100 metres out of the front door along Brushfield Street in Spitalfields, around the corner down Gun Street and creeping along into Artillery Lane at its peak (yep, it spanned three streets), it took me around an hour to get my order in at Rola Wala. Did I mention that it was raining the whole time?

Continue reading “London’s New Killer Wrap”

The hottest cold snack in London town: Bubblewrap Waffle

BannerI took the picture above, of Bubblewrap Waffle‘s storefront, at around 3.30 of a Thursday afternoon in June. Such is the pull of these egg waffle cones filled with delicious ice cream flavours and toppings, that they’re still pulling in a queue worthy of stanchions and barriers (and at off-peak times) over three months after opening. When they first opened in chilly March, the queues rolled all the way back to Chinatown’s south-west entrance, a few dozen metres down the street. Continue reading “The hottest cold snack in London town: Bubblewrap Waffle”

In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: The Orange Buffalo

Tucked away in The Old Truman Brewery courtyard, just behind Spitalfields Market, The Orange Buffalo’s food van appeals more than most others of its kind. The branding is impeccable, like a Veuve Clicquot label. It goes all the way down to its four chicken wing sauces: each one the same shade of orange despite different ingredients, flavours and intensities. Continue reading “In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: The Orange Buffalo”

Liberty Cheesesteak

A Hawaiian shirt-clad tourist in front of me orders a Philly Cheesesteak from the Liberty Cheesesteak food van, parked in its usual place aside the north entrance to Spitalfields Market.

“I’m from Philadelphia,” he announces proudly, “so I wanted to see how it measures up…”

“Okay cool,” replies the chef. “Our owner is a Philadelphian too!” Continue reading “Liberty Cheesesteak”

Pick-up a Po’ Boy

The first time I heard about Po’ Boys was from the legendary mouth of Adam Richman. A sandwich of American, Deep South Creole origin, there’s some debate about its origin. Mr. Man v. Food alleged that the sandwich originated as a peace offering that men would bring back to their wives after a night of indulgence on the town. Much more likely is the more sourced version of history, in which streetcar drivers on strike in the 1920s were offered sandwiches by the Martin Brothers’ restaurant in New Orleans. These subsequently became known as ‘Poor Boys’, shortened to ‘Po’ Boys’ in the Louisiana dialect of the owners. Continue reading “Pick-up a Po’ Boy”

In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: Duke’s Brew & Que

Duke’s ‘Nuclear’ Bastardo Hotwings are a love letter to the Ghost Chilli. Before the chilli arms race of recent years got ridiculous – where an influx of new chilli hybrids toppled previous rulers of the Scoville scale from Naga Viper to Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Moruga to Californian Reaper and most recently the accidental Welsh discovery of the Dragon’s Breath chilli – the Ghost Chilli was king. Continue reading “In search of London’s Hottest Hotwing: Duke’s Brew & Que”